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Sexy Love

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Mark Lord also know as Mr.S3xylov3 (Sexylove) himself is the meaning behind the brand/ apparel “S3xylov3”.

S3xylov3 was first created as a name to Mark back in 2006 mainly because of the song written and performed by R&B Artist Ne-Yo which debuted on his album “In my Own words”. Mark sang this song so much in high school that he was proclaimed Mr. Sexylove, little did he know that S3xylov3 would become apart of his life as his favorite song and alter ego.

S3xylov3 as a brand represents the beauty and attraction of every individual within themselves. S3xylov3 is the feeling beautiful/handsome, confident, kinky, laidback and yet a fashionable appearance we all want to have on occasions, for toddlers and infants it’s more a stylish appeal. A detail and precise design mixed with graphics and everyday appeal, S3xylov3 along with Diarks apparel is made from the finest garments and easily affordable.


Thank you for choosing S3xyLov3... 

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